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About the BOP Cares Team

We are a dedicated team working with the most deprived communities in the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic. Although the area is a popular tourist destination full of luxury hotels, residences and shopping malls, there are some communities which have difficulty providing the basics to their families and they live in simple housing often without protection from the weather.

About the Children

The children that we help often need basic supplies such as food, school provisions, clothes and more. They spend a lot of time on the streets as their families cannot afford even basic education. We also find children who have complex medical conditions that the families struggle to support as medication, therapy and help is expensive here on the island. We do everything possible to assist as many children as we can.


There are many ways that you can get involved with BOP Care, we accept all options of donation, no just financial, but also school supplies, clothes, shoes, and other necessities. We also will be offering volunteering programmes and volunteering summer camps, contact us to find out more!

Current Projects

We are sponsoring individual families to assist them with medication, food, clothes, supplies, and other necessities, we'll be posting regularly about individual cases on our social media pages and also in our monthly newsletter starting in January 2020.

A lot of children are spending time on the streets instead of school as their families cannot afford even basic education. For this reason our Big Vision is to provide facilities as well as supplies to support and educate these children so they have a bright future where they are able to work and earn money for their future children.

Casita Linda School and Community Center

Coming in 2020 we plan to build a School and community Center Casita Linda, in the town of Veron to provide a community hub where children and familiies can enjoy educational and family activites, we will be posting regular updates of our progress, so stay tuned!


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